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Get ready for open enrollment

It’s getting close to open enrollment, and that means your clients may be planning their benefits fairs and looking for support. Luckily, Delta Dental has your back. You can find everything you need to answer those questions and help your clients make informed decisions.

Gather your materials

One of the best sites of information available to you is Delta Dental’s open enrollment resources page. It features many flyers on the basics of our plans, our network of dentists and how to use our plans. You can download this information and either print it or send it out electronically to your clients.

Discuss with your Delta Dental representative or general agent for small businesses to determine what core flyers you need. Sending out flyers electronically is the best way to distribute the information.

Members can access information online and print an ID card, learn about our plans and explore online tools. Videos that explain the major plans are available, as well as Spanish versions.

Go virtual

In the wake of the pandemic, you may find that virtual benefits fairs work well, especially if your clients’ employees work remotely. If you work with larger clients, contact your Delta Dental representative to set up a virtual booth session, which is a way for members who can’t make it into the office to talk with us online and get information about the various plans we offer. (If you want a virtual booth session, you need at least 100 attendees.). Delta Dental reps can also appear in person at benefits fairs if you have at least 100 people attending. Contact your representative for more details.

Start early

Aside from giving your clients and members information, what else can you do? Preparation is key. Brainstorm with your clients to find innovative ways to make open enrollment engaging and informative, motivating them to choose a dental insurance provider. Your Delta Dental representative and general agent for small businesses are available to help you with ideas on how to prepare for open enrollment. Start soon, though: Open enrollment will be here before you know it.

Take the mystery out of dental expenses with the Cost Estimator

Your group clients’ members are busy enough, so trying to figure out how to budget their dental care shouldn’t become a second job. That’s why we created the Cost Estimator, a tool available for desktop and mobile that members can use to estimate quickly and easily what their next dental visit will cost.

What’s more, the Cost Estimator has just been refreshed with a new, accessible and mobile-optimized design.

How can the Cost Estimator can help members?

The Cost Estimator provides members with a personalized estimate (based on the fee schedule from the last dentist from whom they received service) for an entire dental visit with a specific dentist. It calculates members’ out-of-pocket costs based on their current benefits. Information is updated daily, so members can always count on getting an accurate cost estimate.

This versatile and easy-to-use tool offers members a variety of useful features and information to help them make the most of their benefits and helps them become better informed consumers.

In the tool, clients can choose from a list of common dental procedures ― they can even specify which tooth needs treatment or what type of filling they’d prefer! After they select their procedure, the Cost Estimator calculates their estimated out-of-pocket cost. The tool subtracts both the network savings and the portion the plan pays.

Other tasks your clients can perform with the Cost Estimator include:

  • Adding procedures. If clients need to add services such as a cleaning or x‑rays to their visit, they can add them to their estimate to get the total cost of the visit.
  • Comparing dentists. Clients might be curious to see if they’d save by switching to another dentist. The Cost Estimator lets them compare up to five in-network dentists to find the best deal.
  • Selecting plan members. Clients can get cost estimates for anyone on their plan, such as spouses and children.
  • Reviewing benefits usage. Clients can access the benefits activity and history for everyone on their plan, and can also review their plan’s maximums, deductibles and out-of-pocket limits.

How can the Cost Estimator help my group clients’ bottom line?

The Cost Estimator provides members with transparency about their out-of-pocket costs. More cost transparency can mean fewer questions and less confusion about the value of visiting an in-network dentist. By showing the substantial cost differences between in-network and out-of-network dentist visits, the tool encourages in-network utilization — which can help members save and may help lower group dental plan costs.

Which clients can use the Cost Estimator?

All Delta Dental PPO™ and Delta Dental Premier® groups are eligible to sign up for the Cost Estimator. DeltaCare® USA members receive a plan booklet with their copayments for covered services, so this tool isn’t necessary for DeltaCare USA plans.

If you have group clients that haven’t taken advantage of the Cost Estimator, explain to them the cost-saving benefits of this tool. For details, talk to your Sales representative about how your clients can add this service to their plan.

How do members access Cost Estimator?

To use the Cost Estimator, members simply click Plan ahead for a visit from the member portal. PPO and Premier members can also access a more limited version of the Cost Estimator through the Delta Dental mobile app, which details in- and out-of-network fees.

With the Cost Estimator, your clients can be confident that their members are not only about staying within their budgets, but also that they’re getting the best deal for themselves and their families. Be sure your group clients don’t miss out on this valuable resource.

Making the move to Delta Dental: how onboarding works

When you’re helping your group clients select a dental benefits provider, there may be some hesitance to switch carriers. The different systems, migrating all the data, determining the benefits — it’s a lot of work. 

That’s why onboarding is so crucial. And Delta Dental has made sure that setting up a new client is as seamless an experience as possible.

When your client joins Delta Dental, an onboarding project manager and a team of experts oversee every aspect of the transition. They capture all the requirements and tasks needed to complete the move and get the system operating, including eligibility and billing and open enrollment.

“We listen to our clients’ needs,” said Account Executive Nora Colorado. “We know what questions to ask so we can design a benefits program that precisely meets their needs.”

The customer onboarding team is experienced in working with many different benefit enrollment systems. In transferring member data to our system, the onboarding team does a complete system validation once the group is set up. Onboarding staff work with the client, receiving numerous test files for review so that when it’s time to flip the switch, the member enrollment transitions flawlessly.

The onboarding project manager gives every client and stakeholder access to a dashboard that provides real-time insight into the timeline, tasks and updates to the onboarding process. Communication is essential in ensuring the success of every customer onboarding.

The process not only works, but it has earned rave reviews from clients who have joined Delta Dental. Last year, 98% of clients surveyed rated the onboard team and process as very good or excellent.

“We’ve done this many times and are comfortable with moving any client,” Colorado said. “Employees are pleased with the benefits they receive, but the move is so smooth they never notice any disruption in services.”

Your Dental Health Summary: what you should know

How do you know which dental benefits enrollees actually use and need? The true value of a dental benefit plan can depend on how much members utilize their plan and which benefits they’re using. With Your Dental Health Summary, you can get these insights and more.

How are group members using their dental benefits?

Your Dental Health Summary is a comprehensive report that helps evaluate your clients’ members’ utilization, oral health and risk status. The report highlights a group’s healthy behaviors and helps identify risk factors like the percentage of enrolled members who have had fillings, root canals or gum treatment. Benefits administrators can examine utilization and risk status indicators over time and compare their enrolled member population to benchmarks. Using this data, they can assess whether intervention, education or better patient habits could improve risk status.

What’s in the report?

Your Dental Health Summary includes helpful information, like:

  • Dental benefits utilization, including risk factors and healthy behaviors. See how members compare to benchmarks for taking advantage of diagnostic and preventive services. The report also features health indicators for members at high risk for dental disease, with utilization patterns compared to benchmarks.
  • Oral health risks compared to benchmarks. The report highlights risk categories for the entire group, including new members, high-risk members and members with no dentist visits. You’ll also get a detailed breakdown of each category by age.
  • A group’s oral health progress compared to previous years. Track the progress of high-risk and low-risk members to see how many visited the dentist and whether their oral health has improved or declined.

But what if your clients don’t know much about dental health? Your Dental Health Summary contains a guide to best practices for good oral health and how to support healthy habits. As clients receive information about plan usage, they’ll learn how to help high-risk employees and encourage dentist visits.

How do your clients get the report?

Your Dental Health Summary reports are available for groups with at least 500 primary enrollees. Because the reports track dental health trends over a period of several years, groups must be with Delta Dental for at least two full years before they can receive their first report.

Your clients will receive the report via email from their Sales Account Executive at whatever interval they prefer. The report is generated monthly, but most groups rarely need it more frequently than once per year. We’ll also set up a meeting to walk group administrators through the report and answer any questions.

As a broker, you may receive the report as well, as long as your group clients approve and wish to share.

Making choices about benefits packages can be difficult when your clients don’t have a clear picture of how their employees are using it. With Your Dental Health Summary, they’ll have a tool that gives them tailored and actionable information that helps them plan targeted, effective wellness initiatives.

New Spanish videos are now available

¿Habla español? New Spanish videos are available for you to share with your group and individual clients. These videos will help Delta Dental members make the most of their plans. You’ll find easy-to-share YouTube links and links to ad-free versions of the video that you can download and share directly. These videos are also available in English.

Online tools

This video walks members through the robust online tools Delta Dental offers, including plan details, claim history, personalized cost estimates, the online dentist directory and other wellness resources. Our online tools are currently only available in English, so this explanatory video is an especially valuable resource for Spanish speakers with limited English proficiency.

Get the video: Cost estimator and other tools

For plans that don’t include the cost estimator, you can share this video instead. It covers all of the same online tools as the previous video, just without the personalized cost estimates.

Get the video: Online tools

Understanding Delta Dental’s networks

Delta Dental plans are built around three networks. These videos explain each one.

Delta Dental PPO™ plans offer savings, quality assurance and simplicity for members. This video will break down the advantages of this plan and show the viewer how to find PPO dentists online.

Get the video: Understanding PPO networks

The Delta Dental Premier® network expands members’ options. This video introduces them to both the PPO and Premier networks, explains the differences between the two networks and shows how to search for an in-network dentist.

Get the video: Understanding PPO and Premier networks

For those with DeltaCare® USA plans, this video will help them understand how this prepaid plan works and how they can choose a primary care dentist.

Get the video: Understanding DeltaCare USA

Pre-treatment estimates help members manage their costs

Understanding the cost of dental care can sometimes be confusing. Many procedures that can be described in simple terms can have multiple costs associated with them. For example, to get a root canal, a patient would likely require multiple x‑rays, a post build-up, a crown and more. For that reason, pre-treatment estimates can help members avoid unexpected surprises.

What is a pre-treatment estimate?

Pre-treatment estimates (also known as pre-determinations or pre-authorizations) are written estimates provided by Delta Dental to members and their dentists. These estimates detail the cost share for a proposed dental treatment and are often requested before complex or expensive procedures, such as crowns, wisdom tooth extractions, bridges, dentures and oral surgery.

Pre-treatment estimates help members understand and manage their costs by breaking down complex procedures into easy-to-understand, itemized lists. They show what portion of a bill is paid by the patient and what portion will be paid by their dental plan.

Pre-treatment estimates are not binding, and factors may change in between requesting the estimate and receiving care that lead to costs being different than expected. For example, coverage may change, an annual maximum may be reached or a member may age out of a procedure with an age limitation. Pre-treatment estimates should be considered an approximation (although a very accurate one!) of the final costs of care.

How can Delta Dental members get pre-treatment estimates?

There are four steps members can take to receive a pre-treatment estimate.

  1. The Delta Dental member discusses the proposed dental treatment with his or her dentist and asks the dental office to request a pre-treatment estimate from Delta Dental.
  2. The dental office submits a treatment plan and supporting documentation (such as x‑rays) to Delta Dental for review.
  3. Delta Dental reviews the documents and the member’s benefits.
  4. Both the member and dental office receive a copy of the pre-treatment estimate from Delta Dental. This document includes a cost estimate based on the member’s plan type, eligibility, current plan benefits and the amount remaining in their annual maximum.

Pre-treatment estimates are available for members with Delta Dental PPO™, and Delta Dental Premier® and DeltaCare® USA plans. Because DeltaCare USA is a copayment plan, members will have access to a list of copayments for every covered procedure. Pre-treatment estimates may be less useful for DeltaCare USA members than for members with other plans.

Are there other resources Delta Dental offers to help members understand their costs?

Delta Dental members can also use their online account to view their current benefits and benefits usage, as well as to estimate costs. This online cost estimator isn’t as thorough as a personalized pre-treatment estimate, but it can be useful for getting a quick estimate for common procedures.

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