The COVID-19 pandemic has likely been hard on you and your clients. But it’s also been hard on children, particularly their teeth. In fact, dental care was children’s No. 1 unmet health care need during the pandemic, according to a study in the Journal of the American Dental Association.

Let’s meet that need! With kids returning to school, now’s the perfect time to help ensure that children covered by your group clients get the dental care they need.

Kid-friendly coverage

From childhood through the teen years, Delta Dental covers the dental services your employees’ kids need for strong, healthy teeth.


Sealants help protect children’s permanent teeth by covering them with a thin plastic coating. Sealants are a very effective way to combat tooth decay, preventing 80% of cavities for two years and continuing to protect teeth for up to four years. Sealants are most effective when applied to permanent teeth soon after they emerge.

Most of our plans cover dental sealants for children, which means your employees can often get their kids protective sealants at little or no out-of-pocket cost. All standard DeltaCare® USA plans cover sealants. Sealants are also a standard benefit in group Delta Dental PPO™ plans, although coverage for sealants can vary by policy.

If your group clients’ plans cover sealants, share this helpful flyer to educate members about this benefit.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride treatment, also known as topical fluoride or fluoride varnish, is a common procedure for children to help strengthen enamel and prevent tooth decay. This service typically has an age limitation, which can vary by plan.

Got groups with this benefit? Share our flyer about fluoride treatment to help parents understand what it is and why it matters for their kids’ dental health.


The preteen and teenage years are the most popular time for orthodontic treatment, such retainers and braces.

Orthodontic coverage is available under both Delta Dental PPO and DeltaCare USA plans. In fact, our plans can help cut the cost of braces in half, which is why we were recently recognized as the best overall dental insurance for braces.

All DeltaCare USA plans cover orthodontics at set copayments with no maximums or deductibles, and you can choose to add orthodontics to any Delta Dental PPO plan.

Wellness resources you can share

Help your group clients get ready for a healthy school year with these helpful resources.

Back-to-school resources

Share our back-to-school resources, including articles and recipes to promote children’s dental health. Post the link, include it in a newsletter or click the “Share” button at the top of the page to send it to your clients and their members by email.

Looking for a quick PDF to attach or post? Check out our back-to-school dental tips in flyer form.

Wellness library

You can find easy-to-share articles about kids’ and teens’ dental health in Delta Dental’s online wellness library, including back-to-school tips, a guide to healthy dental habits for kids and dental health advice for teens.

You can also share healthy recipes kids will love and informative videos on topics from teething trouble through caring for teeth with braces. 

Got Spanish-speaking members? Articles, recipes and videos are also available in Spanish.

Grin! for Kids

Grin! for Kids is a free, full-color activity book that covers a variety of dental health topics in a fun and interactive way for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Kids will love the games, puzzles, jokes, coloring pages and more. Your clients and their employees can download and print the latest version and browse back issues for more games and activities. This publication is available in both English and Spanish.