With recent economic uncertainty and rising interest rates, your clients might find themselves with tighter budgets than expected. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve great dental benefits at a great price. With full-featured benefits and affordable, predictable prices, DeltaCare® USA plans might be the perfect fit for clients looking to save money without sacrificing coverage.

What DeltaCare USA offers your group clients and their employees

While the cost of the DeltaCare USA plans is lower, these plans include many desirable benefits your clients’ employees want, like additional cleanings at low set copayments and orthodontic coverage for both kids and adults. Most plans also feature at-home teeth whitening and porcelain crowns.

DeltaCare USA plans also offer an added bonus for employees who have begun, but not completed, an orthodontic procedure. In-progress provisions allow new members to continue treatment with their current orthodontist ― even if that orthodontist isn’t in the DeltaCare USA network.

Other DeltaCare USA advantages include:

  • Tooth-colored fillings for any tooth
  • No lab fees or other hidden fees
  • No hidden charges for restorative materials like resins, metals or porcelain

Additionally, as a fixed copayment plan, DeltaCare USA offers both convenience and simplicity. Members enjoy:

  • No deductibles or maximums
  • No claim forms to fill out
  • Low or no copayments for diagnostic and preventive care to encourage healthy habits
  • Predictable copayments that it easy for employees to budget for upcoming costs

How DeltaCare USA works

In most states, DeltaCare USA plan members select a primary care dentist and pay set copayments for covered services directly to that dentist. That’s it! When members need specialty care, their primary care dentists will help to coordinate it. As an added bonus, there’s no paperwork members need to fill out.

How to sell DeltaCare USA plans

The key selling point of DeltaCare USA plans for members is that they’re easy to manage and offer predictable costs. We offer materials to help members understand how to maximize the unique benefits of DeltaCare USA plans. You can also browse our broker resources for selling to individuals, small businesses and large businesses.