How do you know which dental benefits enrollees actually use and need? The true value of a dental benefit plan can depend on how much members utilize their plan and which benefits they’re using. With Your Dental Health Summary, you can get these insights and more.

How are group members using their dental benefits?

Your Dental Health Summary is a comprehensive report that helps evaluate your clients’ members’ utilization, oral health and risk status. The report highlights a group’s healthy behaviors and helps identify risk factors like the percentage of enrolled members who have had fillings, root canals or gum treatment. Benefits administrators can examine utilization and risk status indicators over time and compare their enrolled member population to benchmarks. Using this data, they can assess whether intervention, education or better patient habits could improve risk status.

What’s in the report?

Your Dental Health Summary includes helpful information, like:

  • Dental benefits utilization, including risk factors and healthy behaviors. See how members compare to benchmarks for taking advantage of diagnostic and preventive services. The report also features health indicators for members at high risk for dental disease, with utilization patterns compared to benchmarks.
  • Oral health risks compared to benchmarks. The report highlights risk categories for the entire group, including new members, high-risk members and members with no dentist visits. You’ll also get a detailed breakdown of each category by age.
  • A group’s oral health progress compared to previous years. Track the progress of high-risk and low-risk members to see how many visited the dentist and whether their oral health has improved or declined.

But what if your clients don’t know much about dental health? Your Dental Health Summary contains a guide to best practices for good oral health and how to support healthy habits. As clients receive information about plan usage, they’ll learn how to help high-risk employees and encourage dentist visits.

How do your clients get the report?

Your Dental Health Summary reports are available for groups with at least 500 primary enrollees. Because the reports track dental health trends over a period of several years, groups must be with Delta Dental for at least two full years before they can receive their first report.

Your clients will receive the report via email from their Sales Account Executive at whatever interval they prefer. The report is generated monthly, but most groups rarely need it more frequently than once per year. We’ll also set up a meeting to walk group administrators through the report and answer any questions.

As a broker, you may receive the report as well, as long as your group clients approve and wish to share.

Making choices about benefits packages can be difficult when your clients don’t have a clear picture of how their employees are using it. With Your Dental Health Summary, they’ll have a tool that gives them tailored and actionable information that helps them plan targeted, effective wellness initiatives.