Getting credit for your all your sales can make a big difference in your commission. We’ve made it easier for you to get credit for your clients’ online enrollments, no matter where or when your client chooses to enroll.

The easiest way to get credit

Instead of reminding your clients to input your broker information into a form while signing up, all you need to do is include your unique broker link on your marketing materials. (Using a shortened version of the URL may make it easier to type.)

Your clients can visit your link and you’ll automatically get credit when they complete enrolling. The more places your clients see your link, the more likely you are to get credit.

More ways to get credit

Tell clients to choose “Yes” when asked “Are you working with an insurance agent or broker?” on the online enrollment application. Then have them enter your broker number in the Broker Number field.

Or, when your clients are filling out printed applications, remind them to add your Delta Dental information, including your broker number, in the Agent/Producer Information section.

How to find your broker link

To find your broker link, log in to your online account and select the Business Information tab. You’ll find your unique broker link under the Links tab.

If you don’t have your unique broker link or need more guidance, just email or call 866–760‑4080.

For additional information about selling, commissions, appointment and more, check out our broker resources.