Delta Dental’s individual off-exchange plans offer excellent network quality and availability. If you’re not already selling Delta Dental’s off-exchange plans and you’re interested in expanding to individual, family, small or large groups, consider these benefits for both you and your clients.

Why sell individual off-exchange?

  • You might already be appointed. Brokers who are appointed to sell on-exchange plans for the Affordable Care Act can sell off-exchange individual and small business program plans underwritten by the same Delta Dental company and state.
  • Clients can enroll immediately. If you’ve got an individual client who needs coverage soon, off-exchange plans are your answer. With year-round availability, your client likely won’t need to wait for an open enrollment period or a qualifying life event to begin coverage, depending on the plan.
  • You can find options for every client. Fit your client’s plan to their specific needs so they never have too much or too little coverage. Some plans require bundling with medical insurance, but our individual off-exchange plans don’t. For clients on a budget, DeltaCare® USA is a great way to keep coverage. Additionally, our Delta Dental PPO™ plans include coverage for orthodontics, implants and popular treatments like teeth whitening.
  • Individual off-exchange plans include value-added features. All of our plans come with the additional perks of special discount programs on hearing aids from Amplifon, LASIK eye surgery via QualSight and discounts on dental hygiene products through BrushSmart™. What’s more, Delta Dental PPO members enrolled are eligible for Delta Dental’s virtual dentistry programs like Toothpic and Delta Dental – Virtual Consult.
  • The Broker Services team has your back. Have a question about products or resources? The Broker Services team is at your disposal from 8 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. Simply call 866–760-4080 or email

Learn more about off-exchange individual plans

Whether you already sell off-exchange plans or just want to learn more before you get started, we want you to feel equipped with all the tools you need. Our individual broker resources range from plan details in your state to information on how to best utilize your unique broker link and get paid. Additionally, our ongoing webinar series is great for keeping brokers like you up to date on the latest Delta Dental products and news. Subscribe to Insider Update or check that your information is correct in the broker portal to stay in the know and receive updates on webinar schedules.