We believe creating healthy smiles extends beyond providing exceptional dental benefits. That’s why the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation makes it a priority to support groups and projects with the goal of improving health and enhancing lives in the communities we serve. While any positive impact we can make is important, there are some stories that give us all the feels, like this one that came to us from the Grady Health System Oral Health Center.

Thanks to the Delta Dental Community Care Foundation, Grady Health System Oral Health Center was recently able to provide prosthetic dental treatment to a young man named David.* David lost several teeth — including his two front teeth — after being brutally attacked by a group of strangers while walking home one evening. Not only did he lose his teeth, but he lost his self-confidence and self-worth.

In addition to the injuries suffered from his attack, David had lived for nine years without needed dental care or prosthetics because he was unable to afford it. Thanks to your generous grant we changed that. He was so happy and grateful to receive his dentures. When he first put them on for a fitting, he sat and stared in the mirror for nearly 10 minutes. Tears of joy streamed down his face. 

This was such a rewarding experience for both David and the dental resident who assisted him. We would not have been able to help David in this way — and many others like him — without the generosity of Delta Dental and your continued support of the Grady Oral Health Center’s Removable Prosthetics Initiative. Thank you.

Do you have a project that qualifies for funding? Visit the Community Center section of our website to learn more and apply for funding.

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*This story has been modified to protect the identity of the patient.

Grady Health System Oral Health Center treats an average of 2,000 patients per year by providing a full range of preventive, restorative and prosthetic dental services. It is the only dental clinic in Metro Atlanta that exclusively treats low-income patients living with HIV/AIDS, a population with a high rate of oral health issues. The Foundation awarded them $10,000 in 2017, which was the first year they applied for a grant.