Dental care matters, and some oral health data may surprise you.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again — dental care, and coverage for such care, is really, really important. Here are just a few things to think about:

There are about 74 million reasons why you should critically consider the value of dental coverage.

The number of people in the United States without dental coverage more than doubles the number of people without medical coverage. Why?

We’ve illustrated before that dental benefits are generally worth the premium. Additionally, dental coverage can provide value and protection within its own limits. According to the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP), only about 10% of people with dental coverage hit their annual maximum.

So why recommend purchasing dental coverage? 

Consider the 6% rise in employee absenteeism due to children’s oral health. A 2017 survey conducted by Delta Dental Plans Association* reveals that nearly half — 45% — of parents in the United States cite their children’s oral health issues for missed time at work.

And still more concerning, 738,000 people go to the emergency room each year for oral health issues. More people go to the ER each year for oral health issues than the entire population of Seattle, WA.

The preventive nature of dental coverage could deliver more than peace of mind for your clients, with less time and money spent on emergency care and less missed time at work. 


* Our enterprise includes Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental of New York, Inc., Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, Delta Dental Insurance Company and our affiliated companies. All of our companies are members, or affiliates of members, of the Delta Dental Plans Association, a network of 39 Delta Dental companies that together provide dental coverage to nearly 76 million people in the U.S.