What’s great about being single? When it comes to stand-alone dental plans, there are many important things for your group clients (and you) to consider. Do your clients know the benefits of stand-alone benefits? Let’s break it down:

1. If your clients don’t already offer dental coverage, do they know that dental benefits are, generally, worth the premium?

Here’s a sample of enrollee costs — in a voluntary plan.

Dental coverage is more than a way to attract and retain talent and help keep your clients’ workforce productive; it’s an affordable addition to a benefits package when you put network savings into perspective. (Despite what others may say.) You can use the graphic below to help communicate the value of dental benefits to your clients who don’t already offer coverage.

Sample enrollee costs: exams, cleanings and crown total cost without coverage $1,312; annual premium, deductible, exams, cleanings and crown total cost with coverage: $835

2. For clients who are considering combining their benefits, do they know the pros and cons of embedded coverage?

With more than half of Americans enrolled in health plans with deductibles higher than $1,000, some of your clients may not be offering meaningful benefits. With a high combined medical/dental deductible to satisfy before the plan covers dental costs, it may be difficult for healthy enrollees to receive meaningful dental coverage.

3. Have your clients considered the value of stand-alone customer service?

Taking some of the guesswork out of service makes things easier. You wouldn’t ask your electrician for plumbing advice, would you?

We offer group clients an effective service model: national service with local support. Your clients receive account service from a single point of contact, and their enrollees receive dental-specific tools and technology, claims processing with dental consultant staff review and dedicated benefits and claims customer service.

To learn more about our stand-alone dental benefits, contact your local account executive. If you don’t know your contact, you can find a regional sales office on our directory.