When the leaves start changing, it’s a sign that open enrollment is just around the corner. This is a great time for your clients to educate new enrollees — and remind current enrollees — about their rights.

Federal and state laws require groups to notify enrollees about enrollee rights and privacy practices.1 But we’ve made it easy for your clients to share. All of the notices are available on our website, where enrollees can view and download each document. Additionally, during open enrollment we provide groups with an enrollee flyer summarizing all of the notices.

Remind clients to share the notices with current enrollees annually, and with all new enrollees within 30 days of eligibility.

Here are some ways clients can share:

  • Post the notices on the company Intranet
  • Email employees a link to the notices
  • Place copies of the notices in common areas, or in the HR area
  • Include copies of the notices in a company mailing

If your clients’ enrollees have any questions about the notices, they can call 866–530-9675.

Now relax, and enjoy the season!


1 Self-funded groups are not required share Delta Dental’s enrollee notices, and may opt to use their own notices; however, these notices cannot be in conflict with Delta Dental’s practices.