(And other things you didn’t know about security)

Have you ever wondered how Delta Dental protects your clients from a data leak or cyberattack? If you have, Sitaram Inguva — our Director of Information Security — has some insight. And some of it may surprise you.

PHI is significantly more valuable on the internet than credit cards

All matters of information security are serious, but PHI is especially attractive because it can be more useful in identify theft. A data breach can also be very expensive. A recent study1 shows that a single compromised health record can cost a company more than $200 in reparation (per enrollee). For these reasons, we use world-class cybersecurity technology to prevent such compromises from happening.

Hackers and malicious software aren’t the only causes of data leaks

Sitaram says, “A data breach can take many forms, the most obvious form being external hacking attempts by cyber criminals. However, they also happen due to technology gaps, human error and a lack of awareness.” Delta Dental deploys best-in-class technologies to protect information, but our most valuable line of defense is employee training and awareness. Apart from data encryption and up-to-date software upgrades and patches, our greatest priority is ensuring that our people are trained on the latest best practices in information security.

Delta Dental has Certified Ethical Hackers on our side

We have a highly talented security team, many of whom have industry-leading certifications, like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). They’re trained to detect vulnerabilities in our security and employ their skills to keep our systems and client information safe.

At Delta Dental, there’s a lot that goes into security. Share this information with your clients to give them confidence that their information is in good hands. 

1 2015 Cost of a Data Breach: United States, Ponemon Institute, May 2015