Spotlight on our Office of Compliance (OOC) team, and second article in our Information Security series.

We’ve done the math and found that preparation is better than reparation when it comes to securing private information. That’s why we prepare for security compromises as if they are imminent. In fact, we protect your private information in many different ways.

Beyond cutting-edge technology and a team of security analysts, preventing a security breach includes:

  • 1 focused team of compliance and privacy experts
  • 2 models for setting compliance standards — our enterprise code of conduct and federal guidelines
  • 3 mandatory training programs that educate employees and help prevent compliance, privacy and security breaches
  • 4 ways for employees to report potential compliance incidents if they do occur

98157_OOC article

Our compliance expertise adds up, giving you 10 reasons to know your organization’s private information is in good hands with Delta Dental.

And, did you know that one of the most frequent causes of a privacy incident is incorrect enrollee data? You can help safeguard sensitive information by ensuring that enrollee eligibility files are correct and updated with Delta Dental.

For more information on our approach to protecting your organization’s privacy, check out a recent interview with Sitaram Inguva, our director of Information Security.