Delta Den­tal plans have always been great when it comes to oral health and well­ness. With the addi­tion of deals on LASIK eye surgery from Qual­Sight and hear­ing aids from Ampli­fon, your clients can get even more val­ue from their plans.

What can QualSight and Amplifon do for you?

Every Delta Den­tal enrollee now has access to great deals on hear­ing aids and LASIK eye surgery from Qual­Sight and Ampli­fon. This means your clients can get dis­counts of 40–50% off the aver­age price of tra­di­tion­al LASIK from QualSight’s expe­ri­enced sur­geons. With Ampli­fon, they get an aver­age of 62% off retail hear­ing aid pric­ing, backed by a best price guar­an­tee.

Vision cor­rec­tive ser­vices and Amplifon’s hear­ing health care ser­vices aren’t insured ben­e­fits. Delta Den­tal makes the vision cor­rec­tive ser­vices pro­gram and hear­ing health care ser­vices pro­gram avail­able to enrollees to pro­vide access to the pre­ferred pric­ing for these ser­vices.

What does this mean for you?

Now the Delta Den­tal plans you sell come with even more val­ue-added ser­vices, with no extra effort on your end. After your clients buy a Delta Den­tal plan, they can call Qual­Sight and Ampli­fon direct­ly to take advan­tage of the dis­counts. The ded­i­cat­ed rep­re­sen­ta­tives from Qual­Sight and Ampli­fon will walk them through the process, includ­ing sched­ul­ing appoint­ments and coor­di­nat­ing fol­low-up care. There’s even a fly­er you can print or send to your clients.

Now what?

To learn more about these deals and see your oth­er resources, take a look at your bro­ker resources page or down­load the brochure. You can also vis­it Qual­Sight and Amplifon’s pages for Delta Den­tal enrollees.