Are your clients looking for fresh ideas to make open enrollment events more engaging? Or do they need Delta Dental-specific open enrollment tips? If so, have no fear. We enlisted the help of some of our stellar account service staff to deliver tips and tricks to make this year your clients’ best-ever open enrollment period.

Open enrollment strategies for any organization

The best advice for engaging your clients’ workforce to enroll in benefits? Spice it up! They can try making open enrollment something their employees can learn from, and something they’re motivated to actively participate in.

If your clients are hosting health or benefits fairs, they can incent employees to participate. Organizations can use a world traveler theme and issue each attendee a passport to wellness. All they need to do is provide each vendor a distinct passport stamp, and encourage their employees to fill their passport with stamps before exiting the event. Your clients can even enter full passport holders into a raffle for a prize. Attendees will come intrigued, and leave with the information they need to make educated benefits decisions that could save them (and your clients) benefits dollars.

Your clients can also use a scavenger hunt for fairs. They can provide attendees with question cards for each vendor, and task them with finding the right answer. Then they can score each attendee’s card and give them a prize or recognition for being a benefits all-star!

If these concepts don’t work for your clients, or if they’re pressed for time, open enrollment newsletters can also help deliver helpful benefits information. Businesses can highlight the plans they’re offering in the coming year, call out any important changes and allow vendors to link to their websites or other resources for more information.

Open enrollment tips for Delta Dental clients

If your clients already offer a Delta Dental plan, here are some Delta Dental-specific tips to help them streamline enrollment.

In addition to sharing any resources your client creates, they should encourage enrollees to check out our website and register for online services. When enrollees have access to their benefits information at their fingertips, it’s a win-win for everyone.

If your clients have any last-minute enrollment updates, additions or terminations, they can make changes using our online Eligibility Management Application (EMA).*

For more information about managing their Delta Dental plan, direct your clients to the administrators section of our website.

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*Access to EMA is only available for mid-size and large employer groups. Pooled groups should consult their plan’s administrator for more information on eligibility and enrollment updates.