Let’s work together to support your clients.

Just like we encourage enrollees to visit the dentist regularly to keep their smiles healthy, we want to help your clients’ bottom line stay healthy too! That’s why we suggest our mid- and large-sized groups meet with us every year — virtually or face-to-face — to evaluate plan performance, review reports and address any questions.

Service meetings aren’t just for the group — they’re for you, too. We want to make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to supporting your client. Here are a few ways service meetings can help us do that:

Help clients be proactive.
When evaluating your clients’ plan performance, the report can help point out red flags – for instance, a decrease in utilization for D & P services. The report can highlight these areas to improve upon, and we can offer solutions together to better meet client objectives in the near term and down the road.

Provide tailored support.
No two annual service meetings are the same. Based on your clients’ unique needs, we can also provide content to help educate enrollees. If enrollees need to understand the cost advantages of in-network utilization for example, we offer a suite of materials to help them find an in-network dentist. Or if we notice a client has had several recent questions about claims, we might take time this to review claims examples.

Save clients’ time (and yours).
Don’t like meetings? Here’s the good part — we’ve already put in the time carefully reviewing your clients’ plan performance before we meet, so we’ll only highlight the information they really need to know. When we all chat, we can focus on their successes and offer solutions where needed. 

Whether you’ve worked with us for years, or just a year, we encourage you to participate in a service meeting with your clients. And remember, you can reach out to us any time (not just for a service meeting)!